Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pizza Pizza

So besides teaching and learning about the culture Johanna and I are trying to learn how be domestic. I thought I could cook decent in the states, but here its completely different. So the Laffoon family invited us over to make pizza. It was very fun. And.. Janet if you are reading this, we made a wheat crust, you would be very proud. On top of having to make your own crust, you make you own sauce too. And did you know that cheese doesn't come shredded... you have to shread it yourself. Who knew??? We had so much fun. I think the best part about this picture though is sweet Jeremy in the back ground with his droopy drawers!!! very nice. Our pizza turned out incredible. And last night I learned how to make tortillas and I made chips for salsa. It was by far a highlight. If you didn't know, chips and salsa are my favorite food, and now that I know how to make them it has been sure delight at our house.


Wendy said...

Yo, yes shredded cheese was a luxury and I second the thought, "who knew". Who knew shredded cheese wasn't every where. Or whipped cream, did you know you have to make your own?

Kristen said...

I love reading of your adventures!
Miss you Yankee!

How about a good 'ole North American care package? HOw do I get it to you?