Friday, September 28, 2012

6 months...I think =) Can you even Believe it?

Today mom had to take the glucose test…which I was told was really nasty tasting, but it ended up not being bad at all… It was just a lot of waiting. You drink this stuff (which they gave me fruit punch) and then you wait an hour and then they draw your blood. The girl that drew my blood did an excellent job, I didn’t even feel her stick it in, I was impressed. =) Then after that we had another doctors apt where they checked your heart beat and it was 152 (very close to the last time), and then we were on our way. And you are about 3 ½ pounds.

We hopped in the car and we headed to Arkansas to see family. It was a very short trip, but it had been way too long!! Friday night we went to Linda and Jimmy’s (you will love them! This is my Aunt and Uncle) and she made dinner for us and J and Amanda came over too. (These are my cousins, soon to be yours, very fun! They have two boys Jack and Sam; you will have someone to play with!) It was a great visit, just way too short. Then we headed to Julie and Michaels and hung out for about an hour. (Again they are cousins, they have two kids, Lauryn and Clayton, they will be like a big sister and brother for you) They all can’t wait to meet you!!Then we headed to Nick and Jennifer’s house to stay the night. (These are some of our really good friends that are like family, so you can call them Uncle Nick and Aunt Jenn) They had presents for you: Diapers, clothes, a book, a fun toy and cute pair of socks. You are going to be styling! Then…Saturday we had breakfast with Nick and Jenn and then we headed to our other family’s house and we got to see Judy, Barbara, Lisa, Bobby and Jessica. They had a little shower for us with goodies for you! It was so much fun and such a surprise! I just finished writing them all the thank you notes…just have to get them in the mail.