Friday, June 27, 2008

We were very blessed to spend time with the secretary at Dzuka and she is precious. She was so hospitable towards us and cooked us lunch everyday. Her sweet sweet smile is contagious. She asked us many questions about God, and knew all the right things to say, but she does not know Jesus. I love spending time with her and already feel so blessed to have met her. She and her husband are building and new home and have invited us to their house warming party. I am really excited about continuing a friendship with her!! and..Sandra, I shared my playdough with her and she had so much fun with it, maybe more fun than her daughter.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Definetely a hair no no: cornrolls

So we only taught at Dzuka girls school for two weeks, but we had a blast. A few of them really wanted to play with our hair and here is the results of me letting them braid my hair. And you may be fooled… it almost looks decent, but check it out in the next picture. =) They fixed Kelly’s and my hair… we were styling and I had a pretty nice headache later that day to show for it. A few days later another girl really wanted to play with my slippery hair and she put it once again in a side ponytail. I don't know any of you can say that you looked like Napoleon's girlfriend twice in one week, but I sure can!! I am guessing that the 80s are back in... or at least in Malawi.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Funky Monkey


At the end of out trip to Zambia we went to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls. While we were there we went to a pizza place about 2 minutes from the place we were staying at. It was good food and we had milk shakes that were ALMOST thick. It was awesome. I just couldn’t help myself I thought I would drink from all of them. =) They were actually all empty when I took a drink. And no I didn’t get bit by a baboon on my nose, just a sunburn gone bad, but all is good. And just in case you were wondering, my nose has fully recovered!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This was my house for 4 days. It was really cute and cozy. We did have a few friends, but found it easiest to just name them and not think about them at night. One of the mice, maybe rats.. I don’t know the difference (it was pretty big) I met him face to face. He was named Charles. At night we had mosquito nets and they were called our happy place. And believe me, it was. With all that said… I did absolutely love my village stay and am so glad I had the opportunity and would jump on it again in a heartbeat. The extra critters just made it really fun for stories later. Try going to the bathroom and a cockroach fall down your shirt, which happened to one of the girls staying with us. Fun times!! The ones (cockroaches, not people) that were with me in the chimbudzi (bathroom) just fell on my head or ran across my foot, I was very thankful one didn’t land in my shirt!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I never did learn this lady's name because everyone called her agogo (grandma) or Amayi (mom). I love this pictures because you can see so much detail. To Agogo's right is where we washed the dishes and then placed them on top to dry. Next to the drying area is the bath house. Every day Agnus would heat water for us and put it in a bucket and put it in the bath house for you. If you look closely, this was made out of straw and there were many gaps. Talk about feeling a little bit vulerable!! And, you stepped up into the house, so it was just about as tall as me. Not that planes ever flew by, but if they had and they probably have in the past, they would of got a pretty nice show. Then to her left is a storage bin. It is full of maize. We picked the "corn" with her in the field, then they store it in these bins. Every morning Agogo came to visit us. It was such a blessing. We didn't share much because there was a huge language barrier, but just knowing she wanted to come and sit with us, brought a smile to my face!! Philipians 1:3 says "I thank my God upon every rememberance of you!" That is what I feel when I think of all my friends and family. And now.. that is what I think of when I see pictures of this village and my Zambian family.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Introducing..Angela Phiri

I bet many of you were wondering if you were ever going to get a new update from me. Well, here I am. Thanks for patience. After over a month in Zambia, we are home. While I was there I was given a new name. My new name is Angela Phiri because Kym is a boy name. I knew it was in China, didn't know it was in Zambia as well. So here I am with my family in Zambia. Agnus was our mom for the week. When she asked me to pray in church, she said she wanted her daughter to pray and asked "Angela" to stand. It was very sweet. She is in the back with the Tommy sweatshirt on. The sweet older ladies were like the grandmas of the village, they came to see us each morning. The babies name is Katy and they had me hold her many times just to see her cry because she never did get used to us. =) It was such an awesome visit and I know if we were able to go back to visit, they would be waiting with open arms.