Thursday, May 20, 2010

The coolest kitchen staff Ever!!!

This is number 5 40/40 for me, but for most the kitchen staff it has been even more. They are the sweetest, kindest people!! They are ready to serves us with amazing smiles and they never complain. (well maybe they do in Chinyanja, but not in english. haha) I have had the opportunity of getting to know them over the last 2 years and its truly a delight! I love them to pieces. Ethan, the cook was not a believer when I first came to 40/40 but at mine he became a believer. So it has been so great to see him grow in the Lord. He was Muslim and his name was Imran, but he has asked to go by Ethan. Every morning if you go into the kitchen early you will find him reading his Bible. It is such a blessing to see. From Left to Right... you have Matilda (she makes some amazing food and this girl can sing!!), then you have Enawas, and she smiles at you as she brings out tea and biscuits, just precious!! Then Esnart, she has just recently really really warmed up to me. She started to joke around with me alot and making sure I was always in the kitchen serving with them. If I didn't show up she would tell me I was fired. =) Then me..then Mwaka. Mwaka's smile is absolutely contageous and you cant help but want to be around her! then there is Benson, he is new to the team and was great. He helped with the dishes. Then Ethan is on the end. What a great crew!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bush Camp

So the sweet girls and I had really really gross feet! Most days we looked to see who's was the dirtiest!! On this particular day I decided to let them all soak their feet outside my tent, then we painted our toes. Quite a great little girly afternoon that we had together. The other picture is when we went to town to get a coke and a fritter. We had fun!! Two of the girls are sisters and will be serving in Uganda and Olivia will be in Malawi, and Hannah is in Zambia. =) They are great fun girls!!