Saturday, March 21, 2009

Big Birthday Bash

Today was the official day for Jessica and my party. And wow were we amazed and feeling loved! Our day started out with breakfast at Pams. So nice and relaxing. Then we had notes to open each hour. We opened out next envelope and it was a pedicure and manicure. So great. When we finished at the saloon the ladies had got so excited for us, they wanted us to read out next note which was lunch at the restaurant next door. We had an amazing chicken salad and pizza. Then we opened our next envelope, we found ourselves heading back to the saloon for a back massage. Ok, do you think we are feeling pampered? Totally and very special!! Then after the massage we received a text message to go to Jessica’s to relax and wait for our next visitor. So we watched a movie, than our friend Kat arrived and she said she was hair and make up. After we were dolled up we opened a bag with clothes for us to wear. There were two outfits: one really cute dress and the other was a very Malawian outfit that you would wear out in a village. Kat said we could choose… I wonder which one we picked. Then we hopped in the car and headed to our house (Johanna and I). When we arrived we were welcomed by an overwhelming amount of our friends and family (our adopted family). Then they had dinner for us with menus, the restaurants name was “Trattoria 1979”. Can you guess what kind of food we had? On the menu was sweet notes to Jessica and I. Then after dinner we had a video from our friends in England, then a slide show with pictures from our friends and family. It was so so wonderful!! I was overwhelmed with how much love I felt. Our two friends Lisa and Johanna worked so hard for us!! Thank you for making my day so special! And Jess I was so blessed to get to celebrate our days together!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Music and Art extravaganza

Today was our music and art day at our school. It was so great. The parents were asked to arrive at 5pm to come and look at their students work then there would be a music program at 6pm. I was worried at first because parents were dropping their students off and not sticking around… and I frustrated thinking we had become babysitters. But then the parents started piling in and I was so excited. Then we heading to the hall at about 10 till 6 and we walked in the it was completely full. There was about 200 parents that came. It was very smooth and most of the kids came. It was noisy and crazy as well, but the kids had a blast and so did we!!! The pictures are from the art room. These girls in both pictures are just the sweetest ever!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Retreat

So about a week ago I found myself getting to have this as my scenery. I know huh!! I forgot I was still in Africa. It was our annual prayer retreat. You never know you need something until it happens. For many weeks the Lord had been laying many things on my heart and asking me to give it up to Him and I was really trying to hold on. I wanted to be able to make decisions on my own. This weekend here I felt the burdened just completely lifted and such amazing peace. And I was blessed with seeing this beauty while asking for extra guidance. Thanks to all of you for always praying for me. Many days I can feel those extra prayers!