Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Tuesday with Johanna

This is our Tuesday dedicated to Johanna. It included an awesome video that Lisa made. So great! We had about 2 weeks of lunches and goodbyes. I was truly blessed to have Johanna as my teammate. She is a great friend! love you lady. Included in the this picture is: Top Row, Cheryl, Me, Annie, Lisa and Jessica. Second row is: Johanna, Kat, and Edith. Let me just tell you a little about these ladies. They are amazing and I love that the Lord put us together.

Cheryl: She grew up here in Malawi. She has dual citizenship with Canada and the US. She is an amazing lady who happens to be one of the coolest Mks ever. She works at one of the schools here as the accountant. and does many other things as well!

Annie: She works for Children of the Nation (COTN). Works with about 15 orphanages, helps get them started and their education grounded. There are about 15 orphanges that she helps out with. Wow!

Lisa: she is a teacher at ABC (African Bible College). She teaches 6th grade and is an amazing teacher! I have seen her in the action!! She brings out all the energy in us! Love it!

Jessica: She is a nurse here for Partners in Hope. As well as working in the clinic, she goes out villages as well to check on the wellbeing of others. She also is my walking buddy, I wouldn't be at all healthy if I didnt have Jess!

Kat: She works with special needs students here in Malawi and has been here quite a while now. And I have to give a shout out to the UK, she would kill me if I didnt. I just love to listen to her talk!

Edith: She is a Navigator, that is she does college student ministry. She gets our humor and still wants to hang out with us. =)

All these ladies are super awesome and are here working for the Lord in many different areas!! Im truly truly blessed to have them in my life! Just thought you would like to see who I get to spend most Tuesday nights with!! And Jo, you arent in here, you left right before the picture. I love you too!

Johanna...we miss you already!!!