Thursday, August 2, 2012

19 weeks....Mango madness

Baby Coe, Mom missed a few weeks updating your page, so you have grown alot since the last update. You are now the size of a mango (you also weighed in at 10 ounces). I bought some yesterday, because they are one of my FAVORITE fruit! So good! I brought it to work today and before I chowed down on it I decided to take a picture.
Today is a very big day; we have an ultra sound to find out if you are a boy or a girl. Mom and dad are super excited!! My mom is in town too because we closed on the house yesterday. You have a new home baby!! She is painting your room today. We have decided to decorate it with safari animals. So 3 of the walls are a tan color and then the accent wall is an orange. Kind of like a lion in your room. =) About an hour ago we had our ultra sound and YOU ARE A BOY!!!! Whoop whoop. We are still working on names, but know that you are very much loved. You have a heartbeat of 145 and they said you are doing great! Keep it up little man!! Love you, Mom and Dad!