Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My sweet kiddos for a month

So here is my crew. This was our third time back to Zambia to help with 40/40. Instead of 2 preschoolers I had 6. The three boys were very much boys, and the three girls were very much girls. We had so much fun!!! I couldn’t of had a better group. The only really hard tasks were painting with that many and bathroom time at bush camp. (Bathroom time was sometimes difficult because it was a ways to get there and it was a big hole). But... they did a great job! We did lose a shoe down the chimbutzi, but it was because Micah (the blond right next to me) was trying to kill a bee for all of us. He kicked the bee and his flip flop hit the ceiling and then fell down the hole. Wish I had a picture of the 6 kids and myself leaning over looking down. They really thought we could save that old navy camouflage flip flop but it was a sad day for Micah’s shoe. Luckily mom and dad went to the Boma (town) the next day and picked up Micah some new flip flops. All is well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Meeting the family

We took a trip to the village and we went to see my Zambian Family. This is the family I stayed with my very first time. This is the kitchen where they do all their cooking. The kids thought it was very cool that you cook in a completely different place. The second picture is my mom Agnus and I. It was such a sweet visit. It was a blessing to see her and her children and to know that everyone was doing quite well. I look forward to seeing her again in October.