Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My sweet kiddos for a month

So here is my crew. This was our third time back to Zambia to help with 40/40. Instead of 2 preschoolers I had 6. The three boys were very much boys, and the three girls were very much girls. We had so much fun!!! I couldn’t of had a better group. The only really hard tasks were painting with that many and bathroom time at bush camp. (Bathroom time was sometimes difficult because it was a ways to get there and it was a big hole). But... they did a great job! We did lose a shoe down the chimbutzi, but it was because Micah (the blond right next to me) was trying to kill a bee for all of us. He kicked the bee and his flip flop hit the ceiling and then fell down the hole. Wish I had a picture of the 6 kids and myself leaning over looking down. They really thought we could save that old navy camouflage flip flop but it was a sad day for Micah’s shoe. Luckily mom and dad went to the Boma (town) the next day and picked up Micah some new flip flops. All is well.

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