Friday, June 29, 2012

14 weeks

Hey sweet baby!! Welcome to the second Trimester! whoop whoop! Yay, we made it through one, now 2 more to go. This week you are continuing to grow including some hair on your head and on your body to keep you warm (which later you will shed off). You are about the size of my fist now(no fruit relation this week, haha) I cant even believe you are getting so big! This week you and I went to Colorado for a camp called Ponderosa. It was very pretty and we were surrounded by trees. There were some fires, but they were far from our camp. You could still see smoke, but we were very safe. Part of mom's job is to travel and talk about OBU. So we had the opportunity to brag about OBU all week! You did really well! The altitude at 9000 feet did cause us to get a little tired walking up hills and the heat was high for Colorado weather. You gave mom a little scare yesterday, but there was a nurse that took extra good care of us and after talking to our doctor, they assured us that what happened, happens to many women and that you are doing just fine!! This made me feel much better. Also this week Mom and Dad put in a contract for a house. The closing day is July 31st, so you will be moving into a new home. Exciting times at the Coe house! We love you! Pictures to come!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

13 Weeks

Hey Baby, This past week we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We went out and had Indian food in the city at Himalayas. You don't know this, but Indian is my all time favorite food and its pretty spicy, responded to it quite well! Thank you so much! Actually there hasn't been much food that you haven't liked. I am trying to give you a variety so that when you are born you will not be picky..haha. We can only hope! =) You have grown since last week! I am not sure why they compare babies to fruit, but it is a nice visual. This week you are about the size of a peach... and I do love peaches! Your dad and I have started thinking of names and had lots of peoples help. Two of the girls are work came up with names for every letter of the alphabet. We haven't decided yet, but we have lots of good ideas!! As always, we love you lots and lots!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

12 Weeks

Hey Baby Coe, Thank you so much again for being pretty easy on me. Although I get tired pretty easy, I haven't had very many problems at all. That is very nice of you!! As of right now you are about 2 and half inches long, about the size of a plum. =)You have developed everything in your system already, so now you are working on growing. This week we went to the doctor (dad went with us) and everything went great. We finally met our doctor who was very very nice unlike the nurse practitioner who told me I could drop a few pounds....which I have, about 4 pounds in the last month. Everything has shifted, and you are big enough now that none of my cloths are fitting and my stomach is starting to get hard. At the appointment yesterday we got to hear your heart beat again and its always fun to watch dad's face, he lights up when he hears you. Everyone told me to take pictures through the process, so here is momma's tummy at 12 weeks. You are definitely starting to make mom's belly stick out. =) We love you little bit!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our little bit...

I have not updated this site in over year and I must say...goodness. I think I got caught up with life and I do apologize. I decided that most of you will see pictures on facebook, but for those of you that want more information, I will try to update this site about once a week with new pictures and new info about our baby and how Mom is feeling too. Dear Baby Coe, I just wanted to let you know how loved you are. This is a picture of you at 10 weeks and 3 days. Your approximate due date is December 29th. You are going to be our extra special Christmas present! So the doctor said last week you are growing just like you should be; that you are healthy and everything is going good so far! You are now about 11 weeks!! You are about 2 inches long (about like a peanut) and this week you are developing your nails and hair. This totally amazes me! I have only been sick a few times. So thank you for already being easy on me. I do feel nauseous from certain smells, but that is starting to go away. So thank you little baby for staying pretty calm. You already have many fans and many people praying for you! Mom is trying to eat healthier for you, (dad is too for support, you will love him, he is very sweet!!) and I must say it is the Lord protecting my body because I love love me some coke zero and it has tasted funny for the past two months. So good job baby for not wanting that! =) This is first of many letters! We love you!!