Saturday, June 16, 2012

12 Weeks

Hey Baby Coe, Thank you so much again for being pretty easy on me. Although I get tired pretty easy, I haven't had very many problems at all. That is very nice of you!! As of right now you are about 2 and half inches long, about the size of a plum. =)You have developed everything in your system already, so now you are working on growing. This week we went to the doctor (dad went with us) and everything went great. We finally met our doctor who was very very nice unlike the nurse practitioner who told me I could drop a few pounds....which I have, about 4 pounds in the last month. Everything has shifted, and you are big enough now that none of my cloths are fitting and my stomach is starting to get hard. At the appointment yesterday we got to hear your heart beat again and its always fun to watch dad's face, he lights up when he hears you. Everyone told me to take pictures through the process, so here is momma's tummy at 12 weeks. You are definitely starting to make mom's belly stick out. =) We love you little bit!

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