Friday, June 22, 2012

13 Weeks

Hey Baby, This past week we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We went out and had Indian food in the city at Himalayas. You don't know this, but Indian is my all time favorite food and its pretty spicy, responded to it quite well! Thank you so much! Actually there hasn't been much food that you haven't liked. I am trying to give you a variety so that when you are born you will not be picky..haha. We can only hope! =) You have grown since last week! I am not sure why they compare babies to fruit, but it is a nice visual. This week you are about the size of a peach... and I do love peaches! Your dad and I have started thinking of names and had lots of peoples help. Two of the girls are work came up with names for every letter of the alphabet. We haven't decided yet, but we have lots of good ideas!! As always, we love you lots and lots!!

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