Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 Day...eesh! Dedza and thanksgiving in July!

Today Kim, Jeff and I went to Dedza. Janet (my boss, friend, mom.. you name it) needed me to pick up and order and since Kim and Jeff had never been I thought it only appropriate that they come with!! We had a wonderful time! Then tonight for dinner the baptist threw a Thanksgiving in July dinner. It was DELICIOUS!! The Pumpellys, Farmers, Colliers, Lawrences (it was their party too), and the Cearleys were there to send me off. And Jeff and Kim got to come too!!

Thank you Baptist family for making Malawi feel like home! For loving on me unconditionally and also being so fun.. and Amazing cooks!! whoop whoop. I love you all lots and lots.

Friday, July 30, 2010

2 days..Dinner with two of the coolest people!

Over the past two weeks I have been blessed in meeting Kim and Jeff Witte(they are brother and sister). They are here working with Children of the Nation (same organization as my roommate Annie). They are just awesome, fun people!! I look forward to getting to know you guys even more. =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 days..Mensers Fairwell

Tonight we said goodbye to a very sweet family, the Mensers. We will truly miss you guys!! This message is just short and sweet to give a shout out to them!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 days...Oh Lake Malawi

So I am going to combine two days because I messed up a little on my countdown. I was one day off. whoops! Yesterday we left for the lake and spent the night. We had a wonderful relaxing time. It was awesome! The team was great to be with. It was my last trip to the lake for a very long time, so it was a bittersweet trip. I spent time with Phillip this amazing drum maker. He is a deacon at the Baptist church. He is so passionate about Jesus and a blessing to spend time with. He wanted to give me this gift.. and it was a cute little minni drum. I love it!!!

Mat and Janet Lawrence are one of my adopted parents here in Malawi. They not only love on me and treat as one of their own, the are dear friends. We are sarcastic and pick on each other like regular family members. I love them lots and lots!!

Here is the sunrise that we watched..

on the way home from the lake we stopped and bought mice..and I definetely ate a mouse! Whoop whoop!

Monday, July 26, 2010

5 days...Fairwell with CPET

Today was our fairwell with all of our translators. The team "CPET" means Church planting evangelism team. =) It was an awesome afternoon. Many speeches and words of wisdom and many many telling me next time I come I will have a husband to introduce to them. Very funny and sweet. I think the part that blessed me so much is one of my friends, Gift, shared that even though I am leaving I have a legacy and when people ask about me they have many good things to share. It was very nice and I felt very loved and touched!!

Then this evening I had dinner with two of the lovliest people. Jeff and Kim Witte. They are here for the summer and I have truly enjoyed spending time with them and they are from Washington. Whoop whoop!! You guys were great, thanks for the company!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

6 days, Sweet Anita

Today one of translators came by the house to say goodbye because she is unable to come to the fairwell tomorrow. Anita has become a dear friend to me. She is so talented and uses her gifts to glorify the Lord. I am so thankful for getting to know her!! Anita took some material to her taylor for me and she brought me the skirt today. After I tried it on, she then gave me a necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet that matched my skirt. So cute!! Then I gave her some earrings, so here are some pictures of our earrings and my skirt. I love it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

7 with the roommie!

Today I had a day with my roommie!! We first started our morning at Mat and Janet's for breakfast. We had yummy cinnabon cinamon rolls...wowzers. Then Annie had an appoitment for a hair cut, then we went to our friend Lori's house for a visit, then to the office to pick some items up, then off to Henry's house for a visit, then home where we had about an hour, then our friend Sharon came over. We had tea and cake and it was delicious! Then we went to the Farmers for dinner and a lovely time of visiting and laughing really really hard!!! I love you Farmers and Annie.
This picture is our 4th attempt with Sharon. =) I like it!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

8 days...Last day at COTN

Today I had the opportunity of going to Children of the Nation where my roommate Annie is a teacher and I have been one in the past. Although it was a very emotional day for Annie, it also showed her how much those kids love her and she loves them. The students did some dancing for me and I hope that I captured some of it for you. They are such amazing talented students!! They will surely miss their Auntie Annie!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

9 days... part two of Soul care

Today we had a second day of our souls being taken care of. In the morning we talked about where we were from. We also were given some goodie bags with makeup. So...Lauren and I of course decided to get some bold colors and put them on!! This would be the end product of that!! And.. it looks like Im glowing.. I am! I couldn't figure out the buttons on the camera I borrow. =) The team that is putting on the soul care is from Virginia so what more to think of but the beach... So Janet had to try on the beautiful shades. Lastly the team had Lauren over for dinner and they surprised her with a belated bday present and some extra loving. It was a great day!!! And my evening included dinner with Annie, Kim, Jenn, Jeff and the wonderful people in Mtsiliza. My camera was missing at the dinner, but it was so amazing to see how much the people in Mtsiliza just love Annie!! Annie Brown, you rock!!

I apologize... pictures are a coming!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 days..Soul Care day!

Today and tomorrow we are being spoiled. Some American friends have come here for a mission trip and part of their trip is to provide two days of "soul" care for us. This could be anything from sharing our testimonies to having our hands washed by each other. It varies each year. In the morning today we had a time of sharing and this afternoon we had a great time rewriting great songs into songs to Jesus. It was fun!! Here are some pictures from the day. This is the first group and they sang "do you love me?"

This group sang...Im a believer

My great friend Florisa is so cute and so pregnant, I felt I must have a cute picture of her! here is the cheezy one.. Then the cute one. =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

11 days...Chiwengo and my sweet friend Kat

Today Annie asked if I would like to travel about an hour and half north to Chiwengo. This is where there are homes set up for orphans. Annie wanted to say goodbye and get to play with the kids. And our friend Kat came so she could meet one of the kids and see if he could come to school with her. We had a great time. I would just like to brag on Kat for a minute. She is amazing! She has been in Malawi now for 5 years, she loves it and is here indefinetely! She is beautiful, witty, funny, honest, loving, etc! She is transparent with you and I think that is so important! When you see her in action with the kids, your heart melts. I love you Kat!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

12 days...Explorers of Tomorrow

Today I went to visit Explorers of Tomorrow for the last time. Last week I met with the director and his wife to say goodbye and he then asked if I could come and speak to the teachers. This school was the very first school that Johanna and I taught at. So it has been so neat to see how much it is growing and what the Lord is doing in the lives of the students as well as the teachers. The sweet little man in the middle is the new dean of students and he is precious!! The school also presented me with a wrap and a beautiful painting! It was such a great time with all the staff!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

13 days...area 3 Baptist

Today I went to Area 3 Baptist for my last time. What a wonderful day filled wiht great music and fellowship. The pastor had me come forward and share a few words and then they presented me with a gift. Then the choir came forward and Gome led the choir. Gome is my supervisors helpers son. He is 8 and he did a great job! It was so cool to see!! I did make the silly mistake of remembering the camera, but forgetting the SD card that was sitting in my computer at home. And sure enough I don't have anyway of retreiveing those pictures. So all that to say, I did take pictures!! just wont get them. But here is an awesome picture from the drive home from Karonga.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

14 days..Great times with Mary

We drove home today from Mzuzu to Lilongwe and it is so good to be home!! Nothing like a shower and my own bed. =) I was blessed to get to spend the week with Mary Polglase and she is just a sweet great lady!! Mary you are awesome! And then this morning Lauren cooked us pancakes and bacon. Thank you friend, it was wonderful and thank you so much for my AMAZING chitenjes. I love love them!

Friday, July 16, 2010

15 days, wow!

Today we drove halfway home from Karonga and stopped in Mzuzu. We had a wonderful lunch(twice baked potatoes, salad and brownies..yum!!) and afternoon with the Laffoons and then a wonderful evening with Lauren. She took us to have awesome Indian food, then we watched Persuasion and enjoyed a great night together! Tomorrow I head home and am looking forward to being in my own room and seeing my roommie!! It was an awesome week!
Here are two different scenes we saw on our drive home today! So pretty!! And there was fish everywhere! haha

The Laffoons dogs had puppies..4 of them and this is one of them that will belong to the Pumpellys. I thought I would take a picture of their new puppy! they were quite cute!

Lisa and Anna Marie Laffoon. Two of the sweetest gals!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

16 days...Day 3 of training

Today was our final day of training. And today is the day they get to go out and teach what they have been learning and studying. They did an AWESOME job! They are now traveling back to their home villages where they will group up and share this information with the youth in their areas. I’m excited to see what God is doing and will do through these youth that were trained. They had such an excitement and passion to share. =) This one of the schools that we shared at. There were lots of students, but not many who signed the cards. This was very discouraging to my crew. I think they wanted to see many make the decision to abstain until they are married. It was a very cool time to share that its not about number but about the sincerity of the students.
This is the other school that we shared with. They were so rowdy and got the giggles alot, but we had a amazing response. It was very cool!!!

This is the whole crew with their certificates. You can see everyones faces, but they were all smiling. =)

Need I say anything about this cute little man?!! He hung out with us most days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

17 days... day 2 of training

Today was another long great day. WOW! Everyone practiced their parts in the presentation and got used to being in front of each other. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today..Here's a picture of the church that the training was at. It was cute, small, and quaint.

One of the things I like to teach everyone is to make the youth feel at home. And there is nothing like singing a silly dumb song to get the youth warmed up. Here we are singing doodie bop. Fun Fun!!

The crew responding and singing along! love it!

Here is the crew studying and preparing for their presentations. They were great great students!!
After the training today we were invited to the Mphande's home. We had a delicious meal including rice, meat, greens, and bananas. I was very full and this was my first time to have beef liver served in Malawi. She put some amazing flavoring on it. It was yummy!!

Here is the family, they were so giving and so inviting. I had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

18 Days...Training and more

Today was our first day of training. We had the training at Karonga Baptist Church, old town. There were about 23 that came for the training. The training consists of me presenting the material with two other guys helping (sky and Jonathan), then by afternoon we distribute the manuals and everyone gets to start studying the materials. I can not get the internet to stay connected long enough to add pictures, so please be patient with me. But we had 23 students just excited to learn more and full of questions. It was a long, but great day!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

19 Days...Karonga

Today Mary Polglase and I traveled to the North. It was about an 8-9 hour drive. We had company along the way. I drove mostly, so I did not take any pictures. But dont worry, there are some to come! I will be here for about a week and we are right off of the lake. Its beautiful, but we also have mosquitos and heat that come with it. ugh. this week I am doing a true love waits training and I am looking forward to seeing how many come and are interested in learning more. Pictures will arrive tomorrow.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

20 days....Flood

Some Sundays I get the opportunity of going to Flood, which a great Church. The music is wonderful and the pastor is a blessing.He always challenges you! And the members of the church are so nice to fellowship with. Here are some of my former students from Children of the Nation. These boys ask to go to church almost every sunday. So sweet!!

Sean is the name of the pastor and his wife is Tapiwa. They have two beautiful children and are a great example for the church!! Here is Tapiwa with their newest addition, Jordan. Beautiful!!

This last picture is Edith and I. Edith has the gift of speaking and teaching. I have been blessed to see both of those things. She is also a part of our tuesday night girls and I truly enjoy her fun sweet spirit!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

21 Days, The Basikolos

Today I had a lovely brunch with my sweet friend Kat. It was so nice to have a relaxing morning with a good friend, and I got to bless her with lots of clothes as well as lots of spices! Funny story, I am putting the spices in the box for her and I drop the whole tray...whats in that tray you ask? A bottle of red food coloring. It went everywhere, the best part though was that it looked just like blood all over the kitchen floor. You could look at the situation two ways and we chose to laugh.
After brunch I went to Chinsapo to visit with the Basikolos. They are a family that I have gotten to know over the years. Mr. Basikolo is the head master at the very first school we taught at called Explorers of Tomorrow. The school has continued to grow and develop. We had some great tea and biscuits and a lovely visit. Here is Mr. and Mrs. Basikolo.

Mr. Basikolo had to leave the room and Mrs doesn't speak too much English so I got out the camera and showed her pictures then we took this one. She just loved it and so do I!!

They have 7 beautiful children, this is just one of them. Isn't she just gorgeous!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pizza & the Mensers, whoop! 22 days

Today, I cleaned out my house..I know, really exciting, then I cleaned some more. =) Charles our gaurd, gardener, and house cleaner was excited because my give away pile just kept growing and growing. I went over the Lawrences house in the afternoon to drop off some clothes and I took an awesome picture of Gome...but I had taken out my SD card, so its on the actual camera and not the card... and ofcourse I dont have the chord for it. Haha. So this blog is pictureless, and I do apologize. In the evening I also had the priviledge of having dinner with the Mensers. They are a sweet, fun, awesome family. They will be heading back around the same time as me. We had pizza and good fellowship. We are baptist, we know how to eat and visit with the best!! =) Tomorrow, there will be a new picture, sorry about that.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Driving...Driving...Driving, 23 days

So this picture may not be as exciting to you as some of the previous, but I think its kind of cool. Yesterday we drove to Blantyre, then today we drove back. Yesterday Janet and I were together, so it was quite nice, but today she had to drive another car back to it was about 4 hours in the car and I forgot my Ipod. Yeah, I know! But I found it kind of cool that that there are some kids running in the shot, you also get a great side view of my truck in the mirror, then there is the fact that I didn't roll my window down all the way, so it makes the picture kind of two toned. Yes, its the little things, and I love that you can really see the contrast of the grass.

This is what I get to see when I am driving, but its really way better than what I can catch on camera. Imagine when the sun is setting!! Wowzers!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blantyre and the Browns...24 days

Today we (Janet and I) traveled to Blantyre. Blantyre is about 4 hours away. It’s another big city in Malawi. Here in Blantyre Janet needed to go to the Assemblies of Blantyre to pay property tax on some houses the mission owns, go to immigration to file TEPs (temporary employment permits), Malawi housing authority, and MRA (Malawi revenue office). Today we arrived around noon and we unloaded our truck and went straight to immigration. First mission…accomplished. They were closed at first because it was their lunch (cant mess that up). Then we went to grab a bite to eat…we ordered our meals with chips, but we asked for masala chips, which just means that they were flavored…well the waiter brought out a huge plate of chips.. and that was all. =) So we were figuring we either get just chips or he will then bring out meals and they will have chips too… sure enough that is what happened. But good all the same. After lunch we made it to the assemblies of Blantyre, got everything paid, and it was going very smooth, but the guy that needs to sign the documents is not in and we should come back tomorrow. We then went to the grocery store, I bought a wedding present, and then we headed to John and Claudia Brown’s house. We had a wonderful wonderful evening with them. Laughing, crying some, and just enjoying each others company. Here is a picture of the crew in the living room. Love you John and Claudia!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 days...Farewells and reunions on the same day.

Today I went to the Jawads home one last time. As I am writing I just realized that it was the last time I will see them. (Unless I take a trip to Lebanon) They are a sweet, amazing family that welcomed me into their home. The girls really liked playing games so when they came over we played skipbo, phase 10, and some other card games. They also showed me all the games that are on my computer. who knew? =) I let them take the games with them. This is another beautiful picture of the girls along with their little cousin. Johanna and I had the opportunity to watch a really cool wedding, then we met the couple, then I have got to watch their little girl grow. She is going to be a year at the end of August. Too cute!! I pray that one day our paths will cross again. Sarah and Batuul, if you read this.. I love you so much and it was so wonderful getting to know your family!!

Then as you may know Tuesday night is girls night and the family who started girls night is the Moffetts. They moved to Ghana, but since then we have kept the tradition going. Well... Matt Moffett was in town and we got to see him again. Whoo hoo. Because it is summer and also alot of our girls have moved back to the states or other countries.. it was just Matt, Annie and I. But here is a great picture taken by my timer. (good job timer) and I had to included the awesome Malawi clock/map in the background. Matt it was delight getting to see you!! Love ya!