Sunday, July 4, 2010

27 Days

So Yesterday the Jawad family had me over for tea/coffee and biscuits. I was prepared to say goodbye but then they asked me to come by again on Monday, so it made the visit easier. I just hung out with the girls and their mom. Their cousins and aunties were in town, so I got to meet alot of the family. There were moments that I truly wish I could speak Arabic so that I could of communicated. =) But then it didn't feel awkward, they always make me feel at home. This is Beautiful Sarah and Batuul. =)

Batuul and I...

This is Sarah and I.

Then Amal, the mom was serving this very strong coffee in these beautiful cups from Lebanon that I compliment every time, and as she is serving it she asked me if I would like to keep the cups. How sweet!! Here is a picture of the beautful tea set.

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