Monday, July 26, 2010

5 days...Fairwell with CPET

Today was our fairwell with all of our translators. The team "CPET" means Church planting evangelism team. =) It was an awesome afternoon. Many speeches and words of wisdom and many many telling me next time I come I will have a husband to introduce to them. Very funny and sweet. I think the part that blessed me so much is one of my friends, Gift, shared that even though I am leaving I have a legacy and when people ask about me they have many good things to share. It was very nice and I felt very loved and touched!!

Then this evening I had dinner with two of the lovliest people. Jeff and Kim Witte. They are here for the summer and I have truly enjoyed spending time with them and they are from Washington. Whoop whoop!! You guys were great, thanks for the company!!

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