Wednesday, July 14, 2010

17 days... day 2 of training

Today was another long great day. WOW! Everyone practiced their parts in the presentation and got used to being in front of each other. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today..Here's a picture of the church that the training was at. It was cute, small, and quaint.

One of the things I like to teach everyone is to make the youth feel at home. And there is nothing like singing a silly dumb song to get the youth warmed up. Here we are singing doodie bop. Fun Fun!!

The crew responding and singing along! love it!

Here is the crew studying and preparing for their presentations. They were great great students!!
After the training today we were invited to the Mphande's home. We had a delicious meal including rice, meat, greens, and bananas. I was very full and this was my first time to have beef liver served in Malawi. She put some amazing flavoring on it. It was yummy!!

Here is the family, they were so giving and so inviting. I had a wonderful time!

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