Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Tree Biscuits

For Christmas our friends The Crocketts gave us biscuit mix. Now for my British friends...this is American biscuits not cookies. And the directions said to use a biscuit cutter to make the biscuits (or a cup) but I decided to use the tree cutter. And this is how they looked before cooking...man did they rise and they were huge and yummy!!! We very much enjoyed!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The story....

Adam and I met almost 4 years ago. We both helped in the wedding of our good friends Butch and Sandra Bradley. I met Adam and remembering thinking that he was a great guy. He was really easy to talk to, funny, and he was active in the church we both attended. But..... I was leaving for Africa soon and had just recently broke up with someone to so that I could get on the field. So I was not thinking about a relationship by any means.

Fast forward to about 8 weeks ago. I went to see my friend Kevin speak in Oklahoma City and I called Butch and Sandra and told them that I would be in the area. They told me I better stay the night. It was a Sunday night and I went for pizza with Butch and Sandra after church. And Adam came in...he looked familiar but I couldn't totally place him. Sandra leaned over and told me it was Adam Coe and that we should re-meet. So Adam and I sat down and chatted away. And it went from there. We started writing emails and calling each other everyday. And then I went back the next weekend. The thing that impressed me the most was how Adam interacted at church. How he was respectful to those around him as well as them being respectful of him.

I spent the holidays with Adam and his family and while we were there his mom mentioned that my ring should be coming and maybe I will get it when we get back home. Adam kind of looked at me and said he was hoping it to be a little bit more a surprise than that. We came home on Sunday after thankgiving and sure enough in the mail was the letter from the post saying he had a parcel. So Monday morning we went to the post office...(yeah I was with him when he was picking up MY ring) haha. So he gets in the car and opens it...turns it sideways so I cant see it and proceeds to say, "I think you are really going to like it, but I am going to wait until Christmas," with that I laughed and said... uhm no. So from the post office we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Side note....when my parents came the first week of november for a family reunion, Adam asked their permission at breakfast at Cracker barrel..haha. So we are at breakfast at Cracker barrel, when we finish eating Adam goes to the bathroom and when he gets back he tells me that he doesn't need to sit down quite yet and gets down on one knee. It wasn't too busy, but we did have 3 or 4 couples watching and smiling really big. Adam said a bunch of really really sweet things that I cant quite remember, but ended with the fact that he knew the Lord gave him his soul mate and his heart belongs to me and he is so thankful for what the Lord has done in our lives. Oh...I did say yes. =)

So nothing crazy and extravagant, but something perfect for me. And even though I knew he had the ring in his pocket at Cracker barrel, he still managed to surprise me when he popped the question. Thanks so much to all of you that are praying for our new relationship and the next steps. Our wedding will be June 18th, 2011.

The first picture is the day Adam asked my parents permission and then ofcourse the other picture is the day of the engagement.