Friday, July 13, 2012

16 weeks

Baby Coe, Wow, 4 months!! You are growing as well as momma!! Word on the street is that you can hear me and other voices as well and...supposedly if I sing a song to you now; you will recognize it when you are born. I guess I better make sure I am singing some good ones! You also are getting stronger and stronger and stretching those muscles. Momma is amazed at how busy you are working to be ready for your big day! You are also learning to make faces this early. You might even be making frowns, but they promise it is not because of anything we are doing. You are also starting to move your eyes back and forth. I’m telling you, mom is getting tired just reading everything you are doing! I am impressed. Keep up the good work!

Friday, July 6, 2012

15 Weeks

Baby Coe, Well, we are back to the fruit comparison again. You are the size of an orange. I had an orange at work and walked around and showed it to everyone! So they all know how big you are. =) This week you did great. I did go out to a great restaurant, but you didn't react to it well and I was the sickest I have been the whole pregnancy. At least it only lasted a few hours and then I was back to normal. =) We celebrated the 4th of July by having some friends from church over for a barbeque. We had some good food! We had deer and hotdogs with lots of veggies on the grill and some awesome potatoes. And... our friend Laura made peach cobbler and her husband Curtis made homemade ice cream...delicious! You liked it all (well except for hotdogs, Doctor told me not to eat any of those. You might like them, but we don’t know yet). We have been talking about names and narrowed them down to a few. Your Dad just loves the name Bella, which I actually like too, but we have many friends with dogs named Bella and there is a series of vampire movies that are out that the girls name is Bella, so Mom voted that one out. I really liked Adele, but Dad didn’t so much. Its have been really fun talking through a lot of names. We did both decide we like Kenlee for a girl and possibly Layton for a boy. Kenlee would be named after my dad, so I think he would really like it. We also like Josiah for a boy, but this could all change next week. =) We love you!!!