Monday, June 28, 2010

Volunteers =)

Here are some pictures from my most recent update. =) If you don't get my emails and want to, just let me know.
This is the whole crew. There were two different teams. We had a great time together!

This is Lydia and me in the village of Tchale. She became my buddie within minutes!!

This is people lined up to be baptized in Kumalindi Village.

Here is the beautiful sunset that we saw on our game drive.Wow!

I love elephants!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kumalindi Village, take 4

I had the amazing opportunity of working in villages over the past month with two teams. One from Oklahoma and one from Lousiana. They were a blast. The best part though is going out in villages and sitting and talking with people. One of the villages that we went to was Kumalindi. Now if that sounds just a little familiar to you, it should. This was my fourth time back and it was such a blessing. We had some discipleship classes at the church and then the rest of the team went out hut to hut. There were many new church members that joined us doing the door to door ministry. It was so exciting to see their excitement for Jesus. Another cool thing....One morning we arrived at a house and the man started asking questions. Now mind you I do read my Bible, but when it comes to knowing where things are..I don't know diddily (new word) =) and so when he started asking I just really asked the holy spirit to help me in finding answers for this man. Sure enough as he was asking, I looked down and my bible was open to a story that answered the questions for that man. I cool is that!!!!!!!!! The picture attached is this stinking cute girl that I fell for! She couldn't help but melt your heart and make you smile. Hope you enjoy!!