Friday, April 2, 2010


So my neighbor wrote me a letter and told me she loved me very much and she would like me to be her mom. Now I have received many letters, but was not quite sure about this one and exactly what that meant. So I met Chisomo one day at the gate and asked her what she meant. She told me she would like to come and stay the night. Who knew? So if you ask someone to be your mother, it really means that you would like to come over to sleep. So she planned on coming 2 weeks later. I decided to invite Vetu to come as well (she is Mat and Janet's house helper's daughter)Sweet girl. So the day is set, I go to pick up Vetu and her brother is crying and is very sad that he does not get to come, so I tell him he can and then call another couple in our mission and see if their son and daughter would like to come so that Gome is not the only boy. So we know have Gome, Vetu, Anya, Ethan and Chisomo, but Chisomo brings her little brother as well. So Annie and I went from having 2 girls to 6 kids. Here is the picture of them all brushing their teeth. It was precious. Gome had never used an electric toothbrush, so I let him use mine. He thought it was the coolest. I had so much fun!!!