Monday, July 5, 2010

26 days...Birthday parties and game night

The mission family got together and celebrated Ethan's 6th birthday. Here he is getting ready to blow out the candles. We had a blast!! I love this family! I truly have been blessed to get to know the Pumpelly family. They make me laugh and I enjoy their company!! Chad and Mariam you are wonderful friends and I look forward to seeing you on my many trips to come! The Pumpelly's have been so fun to get to know and the kids have been a blast to watch grow. I will miss you bunches!!

Then that night the Colliers had The Farmers and I over for dinner and games. We played dominoes and giggled a lot. Thank you Colliers for hosting us and always making me feel at home when I come over! Love you guys. Betty and Lloyd I just smile when I think of you!! You bless me. Thank you for making me feel like one of your own. I truly could not ask for a better set of extra parents(with Mat and Janet) and friends! love you guys!! Betty I just love your smile in this picture!! (I love it always, but you are smiling extra big!!)

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