Thursday, July 15, 2010

16 days...Day 3 of training

Today was our final day of training. And today is the day they get to go out and teach what they have been learning and studying. They did an AWESOME job! They are now traveling back to their home villages where they will group up and share this information with the youth in their areas. I’m excited to see what God is doing and will do through these youth that were trained. They had such an excitement and passion to share. =) This one of the schools that we shared at. There were lots of students, but not many who signed the cards. This was very discouraging to my crew. I think they wanted to see many make the decision to abstain until they are married. It was a very cool time to share that its not about number but about the sincerity of the students.
This is the other school that we shared with. They were so rowdy and got the giggles alot, but we had a amazing response. It was very cool!!!

This is the whole crew with their certificates. You can see everyones faces, but they were all smiling. =)

Need I say anything about this cute little man?!! He hung out with us most days.

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