Friday, July 9, 2010

Pizza & the Mensers, whoop! 22 days

Today, I cleaned out my house..I know, really exciting, then I cleaned some more. =) Charles our gaurd, gardener, and house cleaner was excited because my give away pile just kept growing and growing. I went over the Lawrences house in the afternoon to drop off some clothes and I took an awesome picture of Gome...but I had taken out my SD card, so its on the actual camera and not the card... and ofcourse I dont have the chord for it. Haha. So this blog is pictureless, and I do apologize. In the evening I also had the priviledge of having dinner with the Mensers. They are a sweet, fun, awesome family. They will be heading back around the same time as me. We had pizza and good fellowship. We are baptist, we know how to eat and visit with the best!! =) Tomorrow, there will be a new picture, sorry about that.

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