Saturday, July 3, 2010

Countdown to America. 28 days

So I will start with things that are going to be a little bit easier to say goodbye to. This is my precious dog, Kiyara. Although I will miss her lots and lots, she is going to my friend Kat. Kat will love on her and she will protect Kat from robbers just the same.

This is my truck. And I know you are already laughing. But come on, its old Blue. She has gotten me on some back roads that you wouldn't of even thought were roads. Before coming to Malawi I had a little honda civic and loved it, still do, but then......I got this!! Its been very realiable and just great!!

Promise pictures will be more exciting as we go. =) well maybe and if I can keep borrowing someones camera, because mine is not in kahoots.

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