Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blantyre and the Browns...24 days

Today we (Janet and I) traveled to Blantyre. Blantyre is about 4 hours away. It’s another big city in Malawi. Here in Blantyre Janet needed to go to the Assemblies of Blantyre to pay property tax on some houses the mission owns, go to immigration to file TEPs (temporary employment permits), Malawi housing authority, and MRA (Malawi revenue office). Today we arrived around noon and we unloaded our truck and went straight to immigration. First mission…accomplished. They were closed at first because it was their lunch (cant mess that up). Then we went to grab a bite to eat…we ordered our meals with chips, but we asked for masala chips, which just means that they were flavored…well the waiter brought out a huge plate of chips.. and that was all. =) So we were figuring we either get just chips or he will then bring out meals and they will have chips too… sure enough that is what happened. But good all the same. After lunch we made it to the assemblies of Blantyre, got everything paid, and it was going very smooth, but the guy that needs to sign the documents is not in and we should come back tomorrow. We then went to the grocery store, I bought a wedding present, and then we headed to John and Claudia Brown’s house. We had a wonderful wonderful evening with them. Laughing, crying some, and just enjoying each others company. Here is a picture of the crew in the living room. Love you John and Claudia!!

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