Tuesday, July 20, 2010

11 days...Chiwengo and my sweet friend Kat

Today Annie asked if I would like to travel about an hour and half north to Chiwengo. This is where there are homes set up for orphans. Annie wanted to say goodbye and get to play with the kids. And our friend Kat came so she could meet one of the kids and see if he could come to school with her. We had a great time. I would just like to brag on Kat for a minute. She is amazing! She has been in Malawi now for 5 years, she loves it and is here indefinetely! She is beautiful, witty, funny, honest, loving, etc! She is transparent with you and I think that is so important! When you see her in action with the kids, your heart melts. I love you Kat!!

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