Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 days...Farewells and reunions on the same day.

Today I went to the Jawads home one last time. As I am writing I just realized that it was the last time I will see them. (Unless I take a trip to Lebanon) They are a sweet, amazing family that welcomed me into their home. The girls really liked playing games so when they came over we played skipbo, phase 10, and some other card games. They also showed me all the games that are on my computer. who knew? =) I let them take the games with them. This is another beautiful picture of the girls along with their little cousin. Johanna and I had the opportunity to watch a really cool wedding, then we met the couple, then I have got to watch their little girl grow. She is going to be a year at the end of August. Too cute!! I pray that one day our paths will cross again. Sarah and Batuul, if you read this.. I love you so much and it was so wonderful getting to know your family!!

Then as you may know Tuesday night is girls night and the family who started girls night is the Moffetts. They moved to Ghana, but since then we have kept the tradition going. Well... Matt Moffett was in town and we got to see him again. Whoo hoo. Because it is summer and also alot of our girls have moved back to the states or other countries.. it was just Matt, Annie and I. But here is a great picture taken by my timer. (good job timer) and I had to included the awesome Malawi clock/map in the background. Matt it was delight getting to see you!! Love ya!

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