Friday, July 16, 2010

15 days, wow!

Today we drove halfway home from Karonga and stopped in Mzuzu. We had a wonderful lunch(twice baked potatoes, salad and brownies..yum!!) and afternoon with the Laffoons and then a wonderful evening with Lauren. She took us to have awesome Indian food, then we watched Persuasion and enjoyed a great night together! Tomorrow I head home and am looking forward to being in my own room and seeing my roommie!! It was an awesome week!
Here are two different scenes we saw on our drive home today! So pretty!! And there was fish everywhere! haha

The Laffoons dogs had puppies..4 of them and this is one of them that will belong to the Pumpellys. I thought I would take a picture of their new puppy! they were quite cute!

Lisa and Anna Marie Laffoon. Two of the sweetest gals!!

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