Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goat slaying 101

I bet you were expecting a horrible picture! No worries. On this particular day, I was very busy. I had to go to the market with the team, we picked up a goat, headed to the village, drop people off for ministry training, drive to the house where we were having lunch, help kill a goat (yes, you have it correct), then we headed to the market to buy produce, and we ate the goat for lunch (it was quite tasty), then lastly after all the meetings I got this great picture with these boys. You can't see, but I was blessed with goat blood splattered on my shirt. I do have video of the goat, but I hear some people would prefer not to see it. If you do want to see pictures of me killing the goat, you can email and I will send you a pic. To make this story even cooler, we saved the skin so that our friend Phillip can make a drum from the skin. I'm taking it to him tomorrow. Awesome, very awesome!!

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Shannon said...

We bought a sheep yesterday and had it butchered. We had to go back and finish paying for it and Shanti (my three year old) saw some goat carcasses hanging and asked why they killed the chickens! :)

While we were standing there, the butcher was washing the goat carcasses and some of the water splashed me. I thought it was blood and was nearly completely grossed out! What a woman you are, girl!