Friday, February 26, 2010

Explorers of Tomorrow

Just before Karen came to visit, Lauren and I went to Explorers of tomorrow to visit and see how the students were doing. While Karen was here we had the opportunity of going back to Explorers of tomorrow. This was the very first school that Johanna and I taught at. When we arrived, they were having closing ceremonies and we were surrounded by tons of kids. Among the students that came was Mercy. Johanna and I had her in our Standard 8 class. She had grown probably another 6 inches. This picture does not give her justice because I am standing on a huge step. =)

Samuel and his family had us over for lunch. Samuel is the director of the school and him and his wife have 7 children. He is passionate about the students and the school is growing more and more. It was so cool to see how much it had developed.

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