Wednesday, October 10, 2012

28 weeks

Hey Little Man, So Dad and I are working on a few names for you, so that is why you are just little man right now. The top 3 names are Eli, Josiah, and Malachi. All great Bible names and great leaders. We are at 5 months. Today we had a check up and everything was great! Yay! My blood pressure was good as well as your heart beat. Your heart beat was 151. They said that is very normal and healthy! Right now you are the size of 4 juice boxes (so they say) and close to the weight too..around 2 pounds. They said to you would stack the boxes on top of each other with two up two across, a little box. =) We have your nursery almost ready, and working on the essentials for your arrival. Everyone is getting excited to meet you!! Keep growing...this is momma's orders. We can't wait to see you come December. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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