Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family Reunion!

Upon coming to Zambia a second time I had a wish and that was to get to see the family that I stayed with my first time coming. I had planned on taking a trip to see them, but before that happened I ran into my sister at the camp. I had the opportunity to give her all the pictures that a friend developed for me in the states (Cody, they absolutely loved the pictures!!!) and then tell her I was going to come see them.

A few days later I am walking through the market and I hear "Angela." Now you would think that I would just keep walking, but if you remember that is my Zambian name that this family gave to me. I look over and it's my Zambian mom, Agnus. We had a brief moment to catch up and her tell me she has showed the pictures to the whole family! It was wonderful!

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