Monday, August 31, 2009


So some of you may be wondering why in the world I am doing a post on language when I have been in Malawi now for a year and 8 months. Well, when we first arrived within 3 days we started our job. We tried to have language lessons after teaching. Note for all: Language at 4 in the afternoon after working 7-3:30 doesn't work. So the past week in a half we have been in language. Since I am staying for another year, I thought it would be very beneficial, and Johanna wanted to join as well. We had Chichewa lessons for about 3 hours everyday. Although my head was spinning by the end, it was great. Our teacher Dyna was awesome. She is a natural teacher and she loves her job, so it made it fun for us to learn!!! The picture turned out fuzzy, but here we are with Dyna. We finished our lessons on Friday with a story that ended up being almost a page long, I was impressed with ourselves!

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