Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two of the coolest ladies come to Malawi...

During the first week in October my friends Sandra and Ruth came to Malawi for a visit. We spent 5 days in the village of Zidunge. We had an amazing time. The church there was planted about 4 years ago, so we were there to help encourage and disciple. We had lessons in the morning and afternoon. While working in this village I was given a new name from the kids. I taught them a silly song called Doody bop and all the days following that, they called me doody bop. Fun times. In the morning and afternoons we had lessons with the children and ladies of the village. Along with the ladies there were 4 men that joined us everyday as well. Ruth and Sandra came very prepared and were ready to be lead by the spirit. It was a wonderful time of seeing discipleship. One of my favorite things that happened this week was when Sandra shared with me that the 3-5th grade class at her church had saved money and sent it with Sandra to use how she felt lead. The money was the amount that was needed for tarp for the roof of their church. I don’t know about you, but I think that is stinking cool!!!!!!!! Here is us with our awesome interpreters. Chifundo and Melify did a wonderful job and we had a lot of fun with them!! The middle picture is of the whole gang, without Chifundo, sorry, he was taking the picture. and last is a picture of the girl I fell in love with instantly. She taught me a rock game that I was horrible at and she was laughing right here when I couldn’t catch one of the rocks. Is she not beautiful!!!!!

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