Monday, December 3, 2012

36 weeks

Hey baby Eli,
Today you had your 36 weeks check up and again everything went great. This week they checked to see if I was dialated at all, and they said I was just a little bit.  But gosh you can be dialated for weeks. They checked my blood pressure, again it was normal, and your heart beat was 155. They said you must of been excited today and you were kicking away!!

This past week the church put on  shower for us and boy were you blessed. First of all, you have clothes to last you months!!! And you are going to so very handsome. We got some of the cutest outfits. Also we were excremely blessed with diapers and blankets. So you will be clean and warm. You got some cute toys, books, bath supplies, stuffed animals and much more!! You have many to thank!! =)

We love you!! Just a few more weeks and we will be meeting you!

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