Monday, December 10, 2012

37 weeks

Eli, Today was very uneventful compared to last week. My appointment was around 4 and when I got there they were running behind and I think I got to the back around 4.30. The lady took my blood pressure and it was higher than normal. She told me to calm down. =) Then when the doctor came in she just checked to make sure my stomach was bigger and then told me they should take my blood pressure again. I am a little bit puffy by the time the day is out but this is very common. My hands are starting to swell a little too, so that is why they wanted to double check that everything was good to go, and we were just barely under what I needed to have for blood pressure and they sent me on my way.

This week your grandma is coming and she is very excited to get to meet you. You already have a very big fan club. Then on Monday the school is throwing us a shower. You aren't even here yet and boy are you spoiled. =)

We are still working on your middle name but it will be Camden or Brantley.  Brant is your Dad's middle name so we thought we would add "ley' to it.  So we don't know yet, but we are steering towards Brantley.

We sure do love you and cant wait to meet you! Love you, Mom and Dad!