Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anyone have an aloe vera???

At school there is an hour in a half lunch break. Since we are in the middle of a village, the students walk home for lunch. They cook, eat, and then come back. Today we ate our lunch outside and hung out with some of the kids. We didn’t realize that we were baking like a toasted cheezer (If you can name this movie, you get some brownie points). Johanna and I were only outside for about an hour and here we are nice and pink. Who would of thought on January 21 I would have sunburn. Fun times!!! It rained today too, but then after the rain….hello sun!! The high was 28 degrees, Celsius that is. Which I would tell you how much it would convert to in Fahrenheit, but I have no stinking clue. I would like to say somewhere around the low 90s, but its very humid!!! So, here is our first Malawi sunburn.

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Beckie said...

I always say...it's a good day when you can throw in a good "Sandlot" quote!