Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fruit by the foot…..Priceless

So my mom bought me some fun goodies to bring with me and because I am such a kind person I decided to take some fruit by the foot with me to a picnic we were having and share. It was very entertaining watching one of the kids eat it because he was only three but the true show was this!!! Fruit by the foot…$5.00, suitcase to put it in …$50, gas to drive to the picnic….k2500. (2500 kwacha= about $20). Watching two grown men look ridiculous eating it….. Priceless. They said…please no autographs. They already are too famous!!


Shilingi-Moja said...

Fruit by the Foot -- sounds like fun. Looks like...a mess. Thanks for sending the link to your blog. I look forward to keeping up with you.

Bob Allen

tweston said...

Hey Kym,
What a blast to see the pics and to hear what God is up to. Thanks for keeping us informed. I put the bookmark in my Bible today. We love and miss you.

Julie Kimbrell said...

Lauryn misses you!!! Scott and Ori had the baby. Precious! I hope you are keeping up with media...Heath Ledger died, mom is sort of in shock, since he was one of her faves. Love the Blog, keep it up, very entertaining.
M, J, L, & C

Andrea said...

thanks for sending me this now have a faithful reader!