Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Explorers of Tomorrow

Here is the school that we teach at. The students are standard 1-8. Johanna and I teach standard 7 and 8. They laugh at me daily, which isn't any different from the youth I worked with in the US. I am really enjoying the pupils!! (that is what they are called here...not students) They are always smiling even when they are confused and don't understand what I am saying. (Which happens often because I talk too fast for most of them. I am learning to slow down) I must be really good though because the chickens even try to join the class when I am teaching. =)


Jessica said...

i love you Kym!! you're so crazy and i miss you! have a good rest of the week :)

Karen said...

ha! that's so cool kym! i'm glad you're having a blast. love the chickens ;) and your profile picture!