Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Potato Salad

Today at Mat and Janet’s house we had hamburgers, potato salad and Greek salad. I bet that sounds very American, well it was. It was a great lunch. Well, part way through Johanna asked what were the green and red things in the potato salad. Naturally I thought they were peppers cut up really small. Janet’s house helper Efesy was the one who made it. Janet looked a little closer and figured out what it was. Can you guess??? Any takers?? It was green and red sprinkles that you decorate cake with. We all were very amused and were trying to figure out why Efesy would of put sprinkles into the potato salad. Any of you Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew fans figure it out? So here is the case…on the recipe Janet gave Efesy it had everything normal on it….but when you kept reading, it said to add a sprinkle of pepper. So, Efesy searched high and low and finally she added some “sprinkles.” All to say, when you make out recipes, make sure that you use words that can’t be misinterpreted. But, I must say, the salad was really good and very colorful. If you find you need to spice (not literally) your potato salad up to make it festive, the simple solution is spinkles!!

Hope you all have a day full of Sprinkles and Laughter from the Lord!!! (I know…way cheesy, but had to do it!)

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