Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hand stacks... Is that what you call it???

This is one of my favorites. Johanna took it for me. I love how the little girl has leaned forward at the perfect time for the picture!! So cute. I really wanted a picture of my hands surrounded by all their sweet hands. The contrast in our skin color I think looks so cool. I am gradually getting darker from the sun, but I still get burnt, and the teachers here laugh at me regularly. The first time I started peeling, one of the students told me I was like a fish with scales (this was right before I peeled and my skinned was kind of bubbly), and then when I started peeling they told me I was like a snake. Pretty cool that I ended up being two different animals in one week. And the teachers helped peel the skin off of my arms. I know, kind of gross, but they were very helpful.
Hope you enjoy seeing the picture as much as I did playing the game with them. If anyone can tell me the real name of this game, that would be great. Hand stack was all Johanna and I could come up with.

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