Friday, March 28, 2008

So the last day with the kids we were taking lots of pictures, here is one of the many. These are some of the standard 8 students. The one on the bottom looking like he is throwing up a gangster sign is Watson. He is really funny. Most of the time he enjoyed making gestures that he thought looked American. It was quite entertaining. The girl that is actually shorter than me, she is Charity. She was the smartest in our class. Very impressive, and so polite. The guy smiling right by my ear is Dennis. He was always willing and ready to do anything we asked and one day when we played hangman he picked Jet Lee for me to put on the board. Nice! The girl in black is Mercy, and she is 6’1. She is funny, smart, and a very good netball player. We have decided we need to find a recruiter to come to Malawi. The guy sticking his tongue it is Lupakisyo. (lu-pa-kiss-e-o). I always wanted to call him Picasso, so he laughed with me all the time and by the end of our two months there, I did actually get his name right. The guy in blue and orange is Ishmael. He has the most beautiful smile, and he was such an actor. You couldn’t help but be entertained by him. The guy right behind me is Yorram, and if he could be in the army he would. One of the strongest and tallest guys ever. He was also the “popular” one. He could easily get everyone’s attention. The other girl with her tongue sticking out is Apatsa. In Chichewa apatsa means, to give. And Apatsa lived up to her name. She has the sweetest, giving spirit. Next to Apatsa with the blue shawl is Naomi. Anytime Naomi saw us she greeted me with “what’s up?” I taught them that phrase the first week and from then on, she always asked me. It was so sweet. On the very bottom chilling out is Andrew. Andrew was I think by far the hardest worker. Even when he didn’t understand something, he kept trying and trying. If only all students would do that. Last is Charles in the white shirt in the back. Charles was an entertainer just like Ishmael and Watson; together you could have had the three amigos. What a great crew.

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